Our Story


Our mission is real.


We want to help people feel good, and remind them that they are apart of a community that cares. Only 16% of adults in the US meditate on a regular basis, and 1 in 6 adults in the US are currently taking a psychiatric meditation for depression or anxiety. Studies show that over 70% of adults report they are unhappy with their lives and over 80% of doctor visits last year were due to stress-related illnesses.  As a society, we are burnt out, and our relationships with ourselves and others are suffering. Meditation is not a trend, the practice has been around for thousands of years, and the benefits are profound. With meditation we learn to remove our fear, insecurities, judgements and expectations. We replace these negative feelings with love, acceptance, awareness and confidence. Meditation is for everyone, we ask you to bring an open mind and our teachers will guide you to a place of peace.


Our studio is made up of truly amazing and spiritual people, all of whom have dedicated their lives to spreading the message of mindfulness and health to our clients. We’ve been a certified Meditation Studio in San Jose since 2018, sharing our beliefs that life should be lived with joy, gratitude, and a dedication to being present in the moment. These feelings inform and guide our teachings, which are focused on helping our clients better connect to themselves, their communities, and to the rest of the world.

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