Amy Posey


For nearly 20 years, my passion has been to inspire human performance.   


My approach to mindfulness is practical and accessible, combining what I've learned through neuroscience research, adventure expeditions with top performing athletes, and work with Fortune 500 companies globally.  My goal is to help people tap into their own abilities and perform at their best.


I spent 10 years working as a management consultant at Deloitte and currently work with a leadership development group called The AIP Group (Adventures Inspiring Performance).  I lead client sessions from small groups of 10 to global teams of over 4,000 to unlock performance using neuroscience.  Combining business and science in my work, I earned both a MBA and an Executive Masters in the Neuroscience of Leadership.  I am currently co-authoring Wild Success, 9 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Use From Extreme Adventures (out Dec 2019).  My busy life mandates that I practice what I preach, and mindfulness is a key tool in my own high performing toolkit.


What I notice when out with clients is when people give themselves the time and space to slow down, be present, and pay attention to themselves, they reach higher performance.  In our fast paced and ever-changing world, it can be really tough to take even small amounts of time for yourself--and often those busy times are when you need mindfulness the most.


The research is clear.  Practicing mindfulness reduces stress and cortisol production, improves physical health outcomes, and increases our ability to emotionally regulate.  Those are the benefits that make us better at work, at home, and in life.  


I've brought both mindfulness and science of performance to clients around the world and am excited to guide practice at Enlightened Meditation!