"Feel Trip" Saturdays @ 12pm

Hi! My name is Charmaine and I hold space for the weekly Feel Trips at the studio. Some of the identities that are important to my experience are mother, partner, nurse, expert giggler (my giggles are pretty awesome), sharer, hand holder, calm in the storm, magic revealer, curiosity encourager, and, of course, space holder. 


My meditations are an offshoot of the 1 on 1 soul work that I do through Holding Space.  My offerings utilize a soul revealing method of hypnosis and accessing Akashic Records. In these modalities I do comprehensive work though Holding Space to help others deeply remember and reclaim who they truly are. Feel Trips @ Enlightened are a more accessible way for people to get in touch with their timeless, infinite and all-knowing selves. 


The reason I got into this “stuff” was simply curiosity. I was curious about the world, myself, the Universe, and God, which led me to various modalities to explore parts of myself and reality that I had never experienced before. And they all rang a bell of truth in my heart, which has been my compass that guides me. In my curiosity and search for answers for myself in my own journey, I’ve been led to share with others first. And it’s been beautiful to witness and experience that every interaction in which I share and sincerely connect with others gives me a piece of the puzzle for myself. In helping others along their own journey, it reveals sheds light on my own path giving me more depth and expansive ways to uncover, understand and integrate all aspects of my Self.


My advise for those new to meditation is to be open and allow yourself to be curious and playful with your experience. There is no one way to do it and no wrong way to do it. Every sensation, feeling, in every moment you experience is valid as long as you bring presence. Everywhere and every time you are present, that is where you will find yourself and each moment becomes yours to do with what you wish. 


This is what I offer people through Feel Trips- an opportunity to practice and experience the power of presence to connect with your infinite, timeless, and all-knowing self across time and space. Whether it’s simply rest, a mental and emotional vacay, spirit journey, time travel, tapping into infinite wisdom, access to other dimensions, healing or exploring self I hold space for your unique experience to be whatever you need it to be. And hopefully the experience can deeply awaken the truth that everything you need truly is within you.