"Breath of fire" 

"Enlightened Sound" 

I'm a San Jose, CA native. I've been meditating for nearly 30 years. Mindfulness practice is my entire life. I use breath and sound (crystal alchemy bowls) to assist others in connecting to the source consciousness and love. I have traveled to India six times to take courses for awakening and enlightenment, I have traveled to sacred sites in Europe to meditate and feel the energies, I am a certified I AM YOGA teacher and I AM YOGA NIDRA with the Amrit Yoga Institute, initiated by Guru Dev Amrit Desai and Kamani Desai. I have been a spiritual leader for awakening for over 20 years. I am a lighthouse and guide for awakening. 


2.  Why do you teach meditation? Sharing meditation is my life purpose. I have learned more about life and love from mindfulness and meditation than anything else in life. I have witnessed life changes in my students that are miraculous since beginning my sharing of meditation.


3.  What brought you to meditation? Meditation is something that I have done naturally since childhood. When I was 20 years old I was initiated in Transcendental Meditation and began meditating regularly twice a day. Since then I learned so many new techniques, methods and styles of meditation. The end result of every method is always the same, more love, peace and joy within. 


4.  If you could give advice to someone new in meditation - what would you say? If you are new to meditation please know that you deserve this time, give it to yourself, you will never regret the amount of time you have given to your meditation practice. The more you give to yourself, the more you receive. 


5.  What do you hope people take away from your meditation? One thing I have seen my students take away is a new sense of themselves as a being of peace and love. My intention is for every student to know themselves as an ever evolving being from moment to moment and to live in freedom.

Danielle is available for private sessions, corporate bookings, and sound healings. Email us for information on booking a private event with Danielle.