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"Body Scan" Monday's @ 9:15am

I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist and I operate a holistic and integral therapy practice in San Jose. I teach mindfulness because it has helped be to understand myself better and become more whole and integrated as a person, and so it inspires me to teach others to do the same. I started practicing meditation in 2004 with a psychologist named Beam Wilder, as I was inspired to explore my own sense of spirituality and existence. I have been trained in Hatha and Kriya yoga, Vipassana (insight) Meditation, Zen Buddhist Philosophy, and Shamanism  If you are a new meditator I would suggest you to start become more familiar with the body and the faculties of awareness. My hope is that people taking my class will gain more awareness of what is going on the deepest level of their minds and the ability to examine their bodies to develop greater wisdom in their every day life. 


Vipassana Body Scan Meditation


Learn how to develop the faculties within yourself by attending to sensations and subsurface feelings in your body. Become more body oriented and gain a greater capacity for self knowledge and wisdom about life. The class will  start with Anapana breath concentration and lead into a journey through the body in Vipassana, and finishing with  a Meta meditation. Class lead by a psychotherapist and Zen teacher.  


Dmitry Vulfovich M.A., LMFT