Masha Kouzmenko

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"Mindful Breath" 

"Meditation 101"

"Mindfulness Basics / Sensations"

"Couples Meditation"

"Loving Kindness Meditation"

My name is Masha Kouzmenko, I am an immigrant from Israel and was born in Kazakhstan. As a child to immigrant parents, I wanted to make them proud so I graduated from UC Berkeley and worked in investments until my mother passed from cancer. Then my life changed completely. I quit my job and went on a self discovery journey, I began to awake, to reach deep realization, enlightenment. 


I teach meditation to help people prevent any dis-ease and illness in the body and mind. I want all to be able to teach other's to observe their thoughts to find a happier, more balanced mind, and in turn create a happier and more balanced life.


I started practicing meditation after learning about it through yoga. But it wasn't until my mother's passing that I dove deep into spirituality and meditation. I realized that everything begins from within. If we hold on to negative thoughts and emotions for a long time, it will manifest as an illness. If we can find stillness between those thoughts, we can reach a higher state of consciousness, healing ourselves and the world around us. 


Enjoy the moment you decide to sit down and be with yourself. Just starting with a few breathes and closing down the eyes. Meditation is not complicated, don't take it too seriously. Just try your best to actually sit down and put away all the distractions, results will follow with your consistency. 


I hope you find more stillness in the mind and the body. I hope you find more balance in between the thoughts that continue to flow in and out. I hope you find more joy and happiness, accepts and forgiveness. I hope you find more love for yourself inside, which in turn will flow out unto the world, unto all creation, all being, animals, the air, the waters, and the earth itself.