Sherry Matthews

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"Affirmation Meditation" Wednesday & Friday @ 8:15am

I am simply a being living in this vessel with the purpose of teaching the possibility of unconditional love and resilience.  After suffering in silence with an autoimmune disease, I decided to become a Holistic Health Coach & Gut Health Specialist.  It so happened that both my children came up positive for autoimmune as well so I became more determined to be a role model and teach them and others the importance of the mind, body and spirit.  I have a deep calling to help others in need and I feel that my resilience and unending hope for others to find the strength and love within themselves can do that.  



Why do you teach meditation?


I teach meditation because I want to show others that it is possible to quiet the mind and to be mindful and aware of their thoughts, their surroundings, their emotions and it is okay to face them, be alone with them but to also let them go.    It’s okay to take a moment in your busy life and give yourself self love and self care, because at the end of the day, you are what you have, so it’s important to truly love & care for yourself.


What brought you to meditation?


I was brought some pretty traumatic news last year and it brought me down a very dark and lonely path.  I didn’t want to allow myself to spiral out of control because I needed to be the strength for my children so I did what I could to start my healing process, which opened me up to my spiritual journey and also led me to meditation.  My thoughts were starting to control my life so I yearned for meditation and decided to make my own space at home and start off slow, 5, 10, 15 minutes and now it’s not so hard to sit there for 30 min or more.  I was led to Enlightened Meditation by pure serendipity, it was a blessing in disguise how the universe and all it’s mysterious ways of guiding you down your path leads you to certain places.  


If you could give advice to someone new in meditation - what would you say?


There is no right or wrong way to do meditation.  The whole point of it is to make it your own, learn how to be aware, more mindful and alone with your thoughts and then let them go.  Don’t allow your thoughts to clutter your mind and cause you distress.  Simply acknowledge them, be one with them, process them if you have to, but let it go after and don’t look back.  If they do come back, it’s totally okay, acknowledge - then release.  Exercising your brain like that only makes it stronger to withstand these thoughts that once overtook your headspace.


What is your take away from meditation?


Meditation has become a part of my day.  If I, for some reason end up missing a day, I feel heavy and weighed down.  I feel that missing “release”.  It’s truly beneficial for all parts of you, mind, body and spirit, all of which are essential to having a balance in your life.  It helps decrease stress, anxiety, depression, increasing all of the feel good feelings and it just makes you feel great!