Breathe & Be

Namaste my friends. I wanted to remind us all to breathe and be. I know it sounds simple, but I know we all need this reminder at times. I can be extremely hard on myself, criticizing myself for no good reason. Fortunately, I am able to spot when this is taking place, and take a step back from my own self inflicted bullying. I take a moment to breathe, and have a real conversation with myself about discover what it is that is upsetting me. I ask myself, "is this issue, something I can control?" If I am anxious about something, it usually means I don't have control over it, but I want to. If I am angry at something, it is usually cause its not going how I want it to. You see my ego is at play behind both emotions. I can't control situations, or the actions of others. I can only control myself, and how I react to those situations. If I am at peace, I will react with love, and kindness. Next time you are lost in a feeling you don't enjoy, just breathe. Ask yourself... is this something I can control?

Be Free!

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