How can Reiki Increase Your Self-Development?

A fundamental aspect of human existence is trying to develop and improve yourself; however, you can. Although you may have heard of Reiki, you might not recognize how you can boost your level of development with Reiki treatments.

Reiki: What is it?

Reiki is an ancestral art of healing first studied in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. The practice eventually expanded to the western world and was slightly modified into what is referred to as "Western Reiki" methods.

Here are some enlightening facts about Reiki:

1. Reiki incorporates 5-7 hand positions employed by Reiki practitioners.

These hand postures are used to influence the recipient's "chakras" or "meridians," areas of theoretical sacred energy supplies located throughout the body's surface. The healer poses his hands in the hand positions close to where the body's energies are regulated to support wellness and healing.

2. The Reiki practitioner might set his hands gently on the body at the chakra points. He might glance at the chakra point or even lightly massage the chakra area in hopes of transferring energy to the receiver. Light tapping on the meridians or the practitioner's exhaling air from the mouth can also be present in a Reiki treatment.

3. Some Reiki practitioners don't touch the receiver. Alternatively, they place their hands a few centimeters higher than the body's facade to re-position the chakras' energy.

4. The Reiki practitioner believes he's providing energy called, "ki," through his palms. This is to restore the receiver's body energies.

How Does Reiki Heighten Self-Development?

1. Undergoing Reiki allows you to relax. Throughout Reiki, you're lying quietly, normally on a masseuse's table. You'll likely be relaxed throughout the process, reducing stress.

2. Taking part in Reiki is a unique experience. Few other experiences are similar to having Reiki done. In a way, it will open your mind to take part in Reiki more often—it's a new and distinct experience.

3. Suggestion is powerful. When Reiki practitioners perform their treatment methods, they'll likely make specific suggestions about restoring your chakras and meridians. Because you'll be so relaxed at the time, it's likely that you'll take in the advice and do what's necessary to feel better.

You'll definitely become more open to acting on healthy suggestions.

4. Taking part in Reiki can increase your feelings of well-being. Although the results of Reiki haven't been completely scientifically proven as of yet, when you do anything to feel better, it can be effective because you're supplying attention to the problem at hand. In this case, experiencing Reiki may be a means to an end.

Reiki is a captivating healing art that could peak your interest and increase your self-improvement. There are times in life when it's invigorating to try something new, different, and a bit unique. You'll relax and increase your well-being.

Open your mind to this unique healing technique that just might be your cup of tea for restored health and enhanced self-development.


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